​TV Buying Guide

1. Size – Watching Distance

TV size is measured in Inches diagonally. Some argue that the bigger the better. However, if you’re not one of those people the below is a great way to understand what size TV is suitable for your watching distance.
Watching Distance     TV Size
Less than 1.5m           32” or less
1.5m to 2.0m               32” to 46”
2.0m to 2.5m               46” to 56”
2.5m to 3.0m               56” to 65”
3.0m or more               65” or larger


2. Resolution

Once you know what size you are after you need to consider what resolution you want.

a) Ultra HD (2160p) / 4K

Ultra HD or 2160p offers the newest and highest resolution currently available in TVs. These TVs have 4 times the resolution of the Full HD TVs, meaning 3840 pixels by 2160 pixels, this is partly why they are often called 4K resolution TVs. It has a more crisp, clear and detailed image. However, as they are new there is not much content currently available to see these TVs in full potential. They also often deal very well to smooth out motion blur. For those looking for the ultimate TV experience on very large TVs or want to future proof themselves from upgrading shortly, these are great for you.
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b) Full HD (1080p)

Full HD or 1080p TVs offers a sharper image than older standard HD TVs, these have 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels. This allows you to watch full resolution HD content and Blu-rays. These are typically the most common TV, however, UHD TVs are starting to get a big market share.

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c) Standard HD (720p)

Standard HD or 720p is an older standard and typically refers to 1280 pixels by 720 pixels. Not too many TVs on the market still use Standard HD, however some cheaper budget ones do. Therefore, if you’re after a small budget TV a Standard HD is perfect for you.
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 TV Resolution Comparison Diagram

TV Resolution Comparison Diagram

3. Features


a) Smart

Smart TVs are TVs that offer internet connected services. This day and age smart TVs are standard on mid-tier TVs. Smart TVs offer heaps of add services just like a mobile phone does, some examples are, web browsing, applications, games, Netflix, skype and streaming movies and music. For anyone looking at buying a new TV, ensure it is a Smart TV.
Samsung Smart TV
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b) Curved

Curved TVs are typically more expensive and most are Ultra HD. Curved TVs tend to make you feel more immersed by what you are watching as they make you feel like your experiencing a wider field of view. Keep in mind curved TVs are not for everyone. Many people suggested that curved TVs look awkward when mounted on a wall.
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c) 3D

3D TVs have the ability to bring what you are watching out of your TV, the same as the movies. However currently most models require the use of special 3D glasses. If you want to experience 3D like movies, these are great for you.


4. Connections

When choosing your next TV keep in mind the connections. By far the most important connection on a TV now is the HDMI port. Virtually all devices have HDMI ports which makes life easy for you. What you need to do is count the amount of devices you want to connect directly into your TV and ensure there is at least that many HDMI ports. Also keep in mind other connections like USB ports or SD Card ports for direct multimedia viewing.
 Smart TV Back Panel

5. Efficiency

TVs efficiency is rated by stars. The more stars the more energy efficient that TV is. LED TVs use less power than LCD TVs or Plasma TVs which is great as virtually all TVs on the market now days are LED.
Stars Energy Rating

6. Installation

TVs as you would know don’t require a professional for installation, therefore if you are looking for a fancy setup or you just need generic help feel free to give Preezie a call or email and we will help you. However, some things to consider are:
  • Wall Mount – Make sure your mount is rated for your size and weight TV
  • Cable Management – To many cables can get confusing
  • Do you want a home theatre system with your TV for the full experience?
  • Try to keep your Wi-Fi close to your TV to ensure good connection
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