8 awesome features of the Samsung Galaxy S8

Date: 17.04.2017
8 awesome features of the Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung has made some great upgrades to its brand-new flagship phone. The Galaxy S8 has some great new features to set it aside. Here are 8 features that we love are:


1. Infinity Display

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a upgraded their screen and they call it Infinity display. Basically the screen  is curved on both ends of the phone and the result is just amazing. It has a small bezel on the top and bottom and virtually no bezel on the left and right.
Galaxy S8 Infinity Display

2. Invisible home button

With Samsung taking such a big move via their infinity display they had no space for a physical home button. Hence rather then just removing it they creating a virtual home button with a sensor that vibrates slightly when pressed.  We love the idea and think this is the way of the future.
Galaxy S8 virtual home button Australia

3. Mobile HDR Premium

The Galaxy S8 is the first mobile to have its HDR Premium giving the stamp of approval by the UHD alliance. Providers such as Netflix and Amazon are getting on board and what this means is even better quality content with a more vibrant display.

4. Facial recognition

You can now unlock your phone by simply picking it up and looking at it. The S8 facial recognition is from what we have seen extremely fast and accurate. Awesome security feature.
Unlock your S8 with facial recognition

5. Samsung connect

Samsung are really looking to a connected future. With Samsung connect you can bring together all your connected devices and with the Samsung connect app you can control all devices from your TV to your light bulbs. You can even bring non Samsung devices into connectivity by using the SmartThings hub.

6. Bixby

Samsung have takin a big gamble with Bixby which they have made a dedicated button for. Bixby is basically Samsung’s virtual assistant. Essentially Bixby allows you control your phone with your voice. Samsung clam that anything you can do by touching the phone you can do with Bixby. The only one issue we see with this is it may confuse people as google phones have Google Assistant which is virtually the same thing.

Samsung Bixby on the Galaxy S8

7. IP68 Certification

The Galaxy S8 being IP67 means it is dust and water proof. You can now take photos under water or simple use your phone in the rain without any damage. This is one of my favourite features of new phones.

8. DeX

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has done something really cool with DeX. DeX is a dock that plugs into a desktop monitor transforming your Galaxy S8 into a proper computer. Cool right. It has physical ports and can connect to a keyboard and mouse for a real life computer feel. 

Samsung DeX - Galaxy S8 Australia


Preezie Samsung Galaxy S8 range Australia


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