Apples iPhone, iMessage gets a HUGE Upgrade

Date: 13.10.2016
Apples iPhone, iMessage gets a HUGE Upgrade

Apples iMessage takes a HUGE Upgrade.

The iOS 10 is said to be Apples biggest release yet. Some features to call out include;
  • Re-experience your memories like you haven’t before within your photos.
  • The power of Siri got even better.
  • Finding your route with attractive looking redesigned Maps and
  • Deeper 3D touch integration
  • Home App which brings to the smart home what it has brought to other product categories -- a clean, easy-to-understand interface that brings them all under one and
  • Doing some fun things with iMessages.
So what’s this iMessage all about?
Apple have now developed a complete modern messaging platform known as the message. The iMessage is actually the service based on Apple’s proprietary Apple Push Notification Service protocol but don’t get it confused with the OS x or iOS which is their standard messaging app.
So what does this all actually mean?

The iMessage is Apples built-in instant message service. It’s allows you to send texts, pictures, videos, sounds and location quickly and easily. You do however need to have an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch to get full use of this, however Apple have invited developers to permeate the platform by opening it up to third-party apps. The iMessage is built right into your phone, so there is nothing you need to do other then use it.
How do I use the iMessage?
  1. Open up your general messages from your home screen.
  2. Click on the "More Options" button then the little "A" app button.
  3. Then just tap on the app store and start using all its fun features.
So what’s the buzz about with all these new features?
It’s designed and developed to modernise the way we use text and communicate. Here are a few things the iMessage does but is not limited to;
  • Why not personalise your message with a hand written notes
  • Full screen animations or effects that can take over your screen such as fireworks exploding
  • Surprised messages revealed with a swipe, done via an “invisible link”
  • Animated “emojifies” as you write it
  • Automated effects such as type “happy birthday” and balloons rise across the screen.
  • Send one of six quick responses that let people know what you are thinking about. Just double tap i.e. on a photo, you can choose thumbs up or down.
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