Best Portable Air Conditioners at Cheap Prices

Date: 01.12.2016
Best Portable Air Conditioners at Cheap Prices

Best Yet Cheap Portable Air Conditioners in Australia

Summer in Australia can be rough, we often hit above 40 degrees and our sun burns and heats up homes within hours. Last year I personally went through the struggle of not having a split system or window wall air conditioner. My partner and I ended up buying a cheap air conditioner as we really could not afford an expensive fancy one. It was the first time I really used a portable air conditioner and I found the experience a lot less painful then I imagined. Before I used one, they just looked complicated and frustrating to install and use, however that’s really is not the case, they are intuitive devices that are simple to use and perform extremely well.
Are you looking at saving on air conditioners this summer? If so then what you need to do is find the best portable air conditioner for your needs and budget. Luckily you found the right place.
Firstly, lets first understand if a portable air conditioner is right for your home and lifestyle. Please answer the below questions.

  1. Are you on a budget and looking for a cheap air conditioner?

  2. Would you like to move your air conditioner around? Maybe even take it with you if your renting?

  3. Are you looking at cooling a relatively small space? Small lounge or bedroom?

  4. Do you have easily accessible windows in the room you wish to cool?

  5. Are you going to sweat yourself dead if you don’t have an air con?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then YES you need a portable air conditioner. If you want to read more on how to go about choosing the best air conditioner for you see the below:
Preezie – Our Interactive Buying Guide for Air Conditioners
Preezie – How to choose your air conditioner size and power:

Example of a Portable Air Conditioner extraction pipe (this is why you need a window) 
So now that you know you need a portable air conditioner this summer to keep sane, see our below picks. We have measured these based on price vs specifications, essentially these are the best cheap portable air conditioners on Preezie and therefore in our opinion represent great bang for buck.

1. Dimplex 2.6kW Portable EWTC9 


We all know the Dimplex brand, they are know for building high qaulity and long lasting appliances. So if you in the market for the best portable air conditioner you can find for around $400 this is your machine. Its currently selling at Kogan for $399 (28/11/2016) and has 2.6kW of cooling power. It also offers a timer function, manual controls, self evaporative system and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Compare prices and see product Specifications here:

2. Midea 4.7kW Portable Air Conditioner MPPD16CRN1


The Media MPPD16CRN1 Portable air con is in this list for those who want a larger and more powerful machine that offers great value for money. This portable air conditioner will give you a huge 4.7kW of cooling power, with a great design, timer functions, washable filter and a 2 year warranty. You may not have heard of the brand Media, however they have been making waves in Australia in recent times and seem to be sold at more and more stores each year. A great choice for those who want a larger and stronger air conditioner.
Compare prices and see product Specifications here:

 3. Omega Altise OAPC10 2.9kW Portable Air Conditioner


This portable air conditioner makes our list as it offers a punch for the price. For only $388 (price on 28/11/2016) you get a reasonable 2.9 kW of power, electronic controls, active carbon filter and a 2-year warranty. If you’re looking for a cheap air conditioner for a small room or bedroom then Omega Altise OAPC10 is one you certainly cannot look past
Compare prices and see product Specifications here:

4. Teco 3.6KW Portable Air Conditioner TPO36CFALHBE


The Teco TPO36CFALHBE is sold at Stax Appliances and offers a load for a decent $499 price tag. It is more then the Omega however for the extra you get 3.6kW of cooling power, easy clean filters, timer and sleep functions with a HUGE 5 year warranty. If your looking for a slightly larger more powerfull portable air conditioner then the Teco should catch your eye.
Compare prices and see product Specifications here:

5. Omega Altise 4.0kW Portable Air Conditioner OAPC1413


Similar to option 3 however slightly more powerful, for $538 you get a 4.0kW of power. This machine will give you electronic controls, sleep functions and a 2 year warranty. If your look for a great portable air condtioner for approx $500 then this may be the pick for you.
Compare prices and see product Specifications here:


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