Canon's New 5D Mark IV

Date: 27.02.2017
Canon's New 5D Mark IV

Canon's new 5D Mark IV is the next evolution of the Canons professional grade cameras, everything is just a little better than the predecessor the 5D Mark III.

Having had the pleasure to use both of these cameras at first you might not see the difference but there is much more under the hood of the new 5D.

The camera has some very impressive specs and some new features to this level of Canon camera. We finally have native 4K video recording. The last generation of 5D had amazing video that was used in many indie films for the cinema look/quality. Finally, we can get the same look/quality in 4K, a feature missing from Canons the last few cameras. This was a feature the competitors at Sony, Nikon and others have already started adding in their cameras. I don’t think it’s too late, but nice to finally have it.
Canon eos 5D Mark IV
Fast accurate focus! I have had almost zero out of focus images when working in the field. It gets better every time and saves on memory when taking hundreds of images for a job. I am not having to go through looking for the image that is just out of focus because of the moving target in those odd situations. Setting up back button focus with this camera is very simple will give you some of the sharpest images when shooting that I have ever seen.
Canon eos 5D Mark IV Focus

Built in Wi-Fi/NFC/GPS is usually not a feature that I thought I would use but after having this feature for a while these do come in handy. There have been times that I needed a timed shot to jump in the photo myself. I could use the cameras timer but it would take 10 seconds to take the photo and would only take one photo. This can get frustrating for not only yourself but the other people in the photo. Wi-Fi coupled with the Camera Connect app from Canon gives you full camera control from your smartphone. You can set this up very easily with the step by step guide on the app in the field and join the group in the photo and start hitting the shutter button. The wireless function really allows you to be flexible with your camera. GPS is the other function I would have not found to be helpful until having taken thousands of photos from many different places. I found myself looking at some photos from one of my jobs that had me moving around the area and there was an area I loved but could not remember the location. GPS came in and gave me the location, once again this simple feature really helped me and it was only a few months of having used the camera, after a few years this could become very helpful.
Canon Camera Connect App

The touch screen on the back of the camera is another amazing feature that people are almost expecting from their technology these days. For DSLR cameras it is just starting to be introduced and I can easily say it was a good call to have this on the new 5D.

This leads me to the buttons and dials on the camera. I still love the design that was used on the previous Mark IV camera. We have some new buttons that really do help with changing settings quicker and easier too. This is where I am sad to say that I had an issue. The back dial on the camera just decided to stop working for me. I was very frustrated having to mess around with other ways to use the camera but it just started working again after playing with it. Not too sure what is going on with the camera but is something to think about.

The good is easy, 4K video, amazing image quality, touch screen, fast accurate focus and much more. The bad is a little harder, the only thing I can say from my own experience is the back dial that stopped working, this was from my research an isolated incident so take it or leave it.

Overall the camera is a very good workhorse that will deliver its photos with style with the extra added bonus of beautiful video I would recommend the Canon 5D Mark IV to anyone looking to go in to more professional photography.


  5D Mark IV
Resolution 30.4M
ISO Speed 100–32000 (L: 50, H1: 51200, H2: 102400)
Focus Points 61 points (41 cross-type points, 61 points at f/8)
Vertically expanded AF area
Metering Range EV -3 – 18
Sensor AF Dual Pixel CMOS AF
Mirror Motor-driven
Auto Exposure Sensor Approx. 150,000 RGB + IR metering sensor with Anti-Flicker timing
Continuous Shooting Approx. 7fps
Video Recording [4K] 4096 x 2160: 30p
[Full HD MOV] 1920 x 1080: 60p
[Full HD MP4] 1920 x 1080: 60p
[HD] 1280 x 720: 120p
(High frame rate movie: without sound)
Video Compression [4K] Motion JPEG
[Full HD / HD MOV / MP4] MPEG-4 AVC / H.264
Video ISO Speed [Full HD] 100–25600 (H2: 102400)
[4K] 100–12800 (H2: 102400)
4K Screen Grab Yes
LCD Monitor Touch panel 3.2-inch (3:2) / 1,620,000 dots
USB 3.0
Wi-Fi / NFC / GPS Built-in


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