Cheap tvs over 55 Inch. Check the best large and cheap tvs in Australia. Over 55 Inch and cheap.

Date: 18.05.2017
Cheap tvs over 55 Inch. Check the best large and cheap tvs in Australia. Over 55 Inch and cheap.

2017 Cheap TVs over 55 Inch

Everyone knows what they want from a TV. Some people like the more expensive and premium brands, the Samsung’s and LG’s of the world. However, most people just want two simple things. Big and cheap tvs with some smart tv functions.
So, the Preezie team set out the challenge to find our favourite picks given this criteria. Cheap and Big. As Preezie has several stores range, our cheap tvs range is impressive. We have over 100 TVs on our website ranging from small, big, smart and cheap tvs.

Preezie’s 2017 picks for Cheap TVs over 55 Inch’s:


1. TCL 65 Inch Ultra HD Smart LED Cheap TV 65E5900US

When it comes to cheap tvs not to many can compete with TCL. They offer in my opinion some of the best cheap tvs on the market. The wonderful 65E5900US packs a punch with a huge 65 Inch screen, Ultra HD 4K resolution and 5.5 star energy rating and smart tv capabilities. This is definitely one to consider if your after a cheap tv with a huge screen. This is my personal pick. TCL tvs also come with a 3 year warranty, I really don’t see what else a person could ask for in a cheap tv of this size for under $1,500.

Cheap TCL TV
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2. Changhong 65 Inch Full HD LED TV LED65D2610

Changhong is not the most popular brand however for the price they offer a bargain. This cheap tv gives you a massive 65 Inch Full HD screen with 3 HDMI ports and a impressive 3 year warranty. It does not offer as much as the above TCL however it is a few hundred dollars cheaper. Definitely one to consider when looking for a cheap tv.

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3. TCL 55E5900US Cheap TV: 55 Inch Smart 4K Ultra HD LED 

This cheap TCL TV is the little brother or sister of number 1. With virtually all the same specifications; 3 year warranty, 4 HDMI ports, Smart functionality and Ultra HD 4K resolution. The only difference is this one is a 55 Inch rather than 65 Inch. To find a cheap tv with all these specs for under $1,000 I don’t really see how you can go wrong. TCLs tend not to have the same picture quality of the Samsung’s and LG’s however you are paying significantly less for them.

Cheap Smart TV TCL

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4. Akai 58 Inch Ultra HD Smart LED TV AK5815UHDF

Another not so popular brand, the Akai cheap tvs are great value for money. For less than $1,100 you will buy yourself a 58 Inch Ultra HD TV with 3 HDMI ports and smart capabilities. Currently only in stock at one store on Preezie though. Overall a decent buy.

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5. Cheap Panasonic TV: TH-55DX600U 55 Inch Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV 

Its strange to see Panasonic the household name on our cheap tvs list. It doesn’t provide as much value for money in comparison to the TCL however it is a Panasonic which may bring comfort to some shoppers. Overall this cheap tv gives you a nice 55 Inch Screen with Ultra HD 4K resolution and smart tv capabilities. Only offers a 1 year warranty which is standard for the big names, not many brands offer the 3 years anymore. A great buy for those looking for a brand name bargain.
Cheap Panasonic Ultra HD TV

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6. Samsung 55 Inch Ultra HD Smart LED TV UA55KU6000W

Similar to the above Panasonic we find another household name on our cheap tv list. The Samsung UA55KU6000W has a Ultra HD 4K screen with a nice 55 Inch size. Nothing really special to this cheap tv, it’s on the list for similar reasons as the above Panasonic. Some shoppers take comfort buying from a household name rather than a unknown or Chinese manufactured product. This cheap Samsung TV wont give you all the bells and whistles like the brand new premium ones, but as expected, this is significantly cheaper. Nonetheless for under $1,350 you get a 55 Inch Ultra HD 4K Smart TV that is built by Samsung.

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7. TCL 55C1CUS 55 Inch Curved UHD 4K Smart LED TV

Another cheap TCL. As you can tell from this list 3 products are TCL branded. TCL simply put, offer incredible value for money. This probably explains why they are growing so fast in our market. For good reason to. Comparing this to the previous 3 there is one big difference. It’s a cheap curved TV. Cool right? For under $1,250 you can buy this incredible 55 Inch Ultra HD 4K CURVED Smart TV with its amazing 3 year warranty. For those looking for a cheap curved TV this would be hands down my pick.
Cheap Curved TCL TV

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8. Hisense 55K3300UW 55 Inch Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV

Poor Hisense. They build good TVs at cheap prices. They have a similar reputation to TCL however they haven’t seen to capture as much of the market lately. For just under $1,200 you can buy yourself a great looking Hisense with a 55 Inch Ultra HD screen. This tv is also a smart TV and offers a 3 year warranty. Overall a solid buy for a cheap tv and certainly worth considering.

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So, there you have it. We dived deep into our huge range of over 100 TVs to find the best buys when looking for large cheap tvs. What are your thoughts? Disagree, agree? Write us a comment. 😊
Until next time. Bye from Preezie


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