Compare Prices and Find a Cheap Smart TV for Christmas

Date: 05.12.2016
Compare Prices and Find a Cheap Smart TV for Christmas

Find a Cheap Smart TV and Compare Prices with Preezie’s Interactive Buying Guide

We all love getting a bargain on our shopping, especially coming up to the festive season. But with all the
hustle and bustle it can get hard to take the time to make sure you are making the right choice or getting a
bargain. In this article, we will take you through an easy to follow step by step process to ensure you get your
most perfect cheap or smart TV for Christmas. So, if you want to save on appliances and learn how to
effectively product and price compare in just second have a quick read of the below.

Step 1: Use our Interactive Buying Guides: Find what TV is best suited for you and your lifestyle

Not all people are the same, and therefore neither are TVs or any appliance for that matter. Certain TVs will
suit some people more than others. You may want a cheap TV if you’re looking for discount appliances or don’t want to break the bank. Alternatively, you may be looking for the best Smart TV on the market. We have know ourselves so in general we all know what our requirements are, but in reality with all the fancy marketing on new appliances it’s difficult to really understand which product is right for you. So how do you choose what TV is right for you from a market of hundreds of smart, big, small, thin, black, white, expensive, 3D, curved and cheap TVs.

The answer, use Preezie’s Interactive Buying Guide for TVs. Basically, you can think of our interactive
buying guide like speaking with a sales person, only our software is completely honest. Imagine looking at a
wall of 200+ smart, big, small, expensive, cheap, curved, 3D, Full HD and UHD 4K TVs. Now from this wall of
confusion and frustration you must somehow cut it down to say 2-3 TVs that would suit your lifestyle and
preferences best. This is what our guide does. At this point you will have a budget in mind however don’t
stress to much as we will show you how to compare prices later on.

Buy Cheap Smart TV

Once you have done our interactive buying guide for TVs you will have a list of 3 TVs that best suit your
requirement’s. Now step 2, compare prices and keep smiling.

Step 2: Read Reviews and Product specifications

Read reviews and look at the detailed product specifications to ensure you would be satisfied with that
purchase. Preezie has great detailed specifications and hints and tips to let you know what you are buying and
if that product will leave you satisfied. So, all you need to do now is read some online reviews, both
professional and user reviews. See what others who purchased that cheap TV think about it, did it break in the
first 12 months? What was the warranty service like? Maybe they loved it and would recommend it for a purchase. With specifications take care to have a look at the size and dimensions of your new TV. Make sure it will fit in the space required and take a moment to read through its features, there may be simple features you think are standard in all Smart TVs like Netflix compatibility that the TV as showed in our interactive buying guide results doesn’t have.

Interactive Buying Guide for Cheap Smart TV

So at this point you have found 2-3 products that will best match your lifestyle and home. You have even gone
1 step further and looked at profession and consumer product reviews and doubled checked the specifications. Hopefully by now you will have cut your list of 3 down to 1-2 products that you feel would leave you completely satisfied after your online purchase. On to the last step.

Compare Prices of Cheap Smart TVs

Step 3: Find a bargain and get the best price

Once you know exactly which TV(s) you would be perfectly happy to purchase you can start to compare prices.This step is extremely important; I say this because at this point you have gone through the entire decisionmaking process yourself (with a little help from Preezie and other review websites). So, you don’t need to pay a premium for customer service (you have done that yourself) and you shouldn’t have to pay more because the information was hard to find. So now find your smart or cheap TV on and start comparing prices from the different stores. If you are a serious shopper even keep track of the prices over a few days or weeks (Preezie to implement price tracking in the future) and buy the TV from the cheapest store. Even if you wanted you could do step 1 to 3 and then go into store or online on boxing day and get yourself a really good discount TV.

Cheap Smart TVs – Find Your Best Deal


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