Looking for a cheap fridge or freezer? These are our picks for best value for money!

Date: 04.02.2017
Looking for a cheap fridge or freezer? These are our picks for best value for money!

Our picks for a Cheap Fridge Freezer Combination

There endless amount of choices in the market today, which is awesome but can make choosing what product to buy a little difficult. So, if you’re in the market for a cheap fridge freezer combo then you have found the right place. Even on Preezie we have over 200 different fridges and freezers so deciding can be difficult.

Our below picks are what we believe offer the best “Bargain” or “value for money” when choosing a cheap fridge and freezer model. These are our top 5 picks:

1. Haier HRF-224FS2 222L Top Mount Refrigerator

Price Compare: $409 - $586

The Haier brand is starting to get recognised in Australia more lately. They are a huge brand that offer products globally.  Last I checked they even owned the Fisher and Paykel brand. So, you can rest assure they are not a unknown Chinese backyard manufacture. We put this fridge and freezer model in the list as you just can’t ignore how much you get for approx. $409. The HRF-224FS2 will give you a 153L fridge with a 71L freezer totalling 224L of capacity. It also comes up top because its silver. Most cheap fridges and freezers won’t come silver. You also get a 2-year warranty.

cheap fridge and freezer picks HRF-224FS2__Haier-HRF-224FS2-222L-Top-Mount-Refrigerator__picture0

2. Midea MTM207W 207L Top Mount Fridge

Price Compare: $429

Midea is also a relatively unknown brand in Australia. I have lately seen their advertisements as I drive down the freeway so they seem to be picking up steam down under. This Midea cheap fridge freezer combo will give you a total volume of 207L.  That being split by a 140L fridge and a 67L freezer. So this model is a little smaller than the Haier and its also white. Hence it still gives great value for money, in the end $429 dollars is cheap for any new fridge or freezer. The Midea MTM207W also comes with a 2 year warranty.

cheap fridge and freezer photos MTM207W__Midea-MTM207W-207L-Top-Mount-Fridge__picture0

3. Westinghouse 200L Top Mount Fridge WTM2000WCRH

Price Compare: $589

In the end of the day we live in Australia, where people care about brands. Therefore, looking at a typical house hold name we found a great buy from Westinghouse. For $589 you get a 144L fridge with a 59L freezer, giving a total capacity of approx. 203L. It is a standard white fridge with a top mount freezer. Westinghouse also offer a 2 year warranty with their fridges as most other manufactures do. Its energy rating is 2 stars which is normal for this category of fridges and freezers. All in all if you after a cheap fridge or freezer with a label that you are familiar with this is one to look at.

WTM2000WCRH__Westinghouse-200L-Top-Mount-Fridge-WTM2000WCRH__picture0 want a cheap fridge

4. Samsung SR318LSTC 318L Top Mount Fridge

Price Compare: $629 - $775

Well I surely don’t need to introduce you to Samsung. Samsung have really built themselves a name in the appliance market. Their fridges are among some of the nicest and most innovative in the world. Nonetheless the reasons we put this in the list fora similar reason as the Westinghouse only it gives you a lot more space and is silver. It is a great buy if your looking a fridge and freezer combo for a couple that don’t want to run with a white colour. For approx. $629 you get a 228L fridge with a 89L freezer. The colour of the fridge is layered steel which can look great with other silver appliances. It also comes with a 2 year warranty. Overall if your after a cost effective or budget fridge and freezer with a good name that is approx. 300L that is not white, this is a fantastic choice.

SR318LSTC__Samsung-SR318LSTC-318L-Cheap Silver Fridge and Freezer

5. Haier 503L Top Mount Fridge HRF503TW1

Prices Compare: $675 – 768

Another Haier. Haier do a great job in the discount or budget appliances market. They offer plenty of cheap fridges and freezers in all sizes and colours. We placed this in the list simply because for less then $700 you can get a cheap fridge and freezer that is over 500Ls. That is impressive. So for approx. $675 you get a 347L fridge and 156L freezer. The HRF503TW1 has a 2 start energy rating and comes in white with a 2 year warranty. If you’re a small family of 3 or 4 and are looking for the great bang for buck this is the fridge for you.

HRF503TW1__Haier-503L-Top-Mount-Fridge-HRF503TW1__picture0_ haier cheap fridge and freezer online


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What to look out for when buying a cheap fridge or freezer?

When looking for cheap appliances or in specific cheap fridges and freezers keep in mind the below points:

- Don’t focus on brands. We all know we pay premium for known labels.

- Look at the size and capacity of the fridge and freezer. Ensure it is large enough for you and your family.
- Ensure you get at least a 2-year warranty. This is standard now days.

- You will most likely have to compromise on getting an energy efficient fridge and freezer. Most cheaper models are not as efficient.

- If you’re looking at cheap fridges and freezers, please keep in mind you may need to go white. Most silver models are more expensive as silver is typically higher in demand then white.

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