New DJI Spark Camera Drone

Date: 31.05.2017
New DJI Spark Camera Drone

DJI the most well-known drone company has released a drone for the everyday selfie enthusiast. The DJI Spark is here with the ability to be a personal photo/video drone. Controlling it with just your hands, a smartphone and a controller for those who like the gaming element.

Why drones you might ask, these days we don’t want to put our phones at the end of a selfie stick, we want a photo taken from an impossible angle with amazing quality images and video. DJI has offered this to us in the past with the Inspire series, Phantom series and the Mavic Pro, now the Spark at a much more affordable price of $859 can do more than you will need.
It shoots 1080p HD video at 30 fps on a mechanical 2-axis gimble, that means it has some awesome stabilised footage when moving through the air. The Spark also offers a series of preset flight commands like ‘Trace’ that allows you to tack your target from behind or even circle around it. ‘Profile’ allows the Spark to keep to the side of the subject while moving, offering a nice profile tracking shot. Other actions are user friendly tap to fly to a location or in a specific direction. Others as a part of the Quickshot feature are the Rocket, the Spark will fly straight up pointing the camera down. Dronie will fly backwards and upwards with the camera pointing at you for a hero shot. Circle, fly's around you and helix while flying around you it will also fly upwards.

The Spark has an excellent feature that no other drone dose, not this well at least, it can be controlled by had jesters. You can control it entirely without a phone / device. It can take off from the palm of your hand then be moved with a simple gesture of the hands. When you are done it can land in the palm of your hand and easily be put away as it is super small.

There are return to land features when the power runs low, the Spark has about 16 minutes of flight time so when having fun flying it you can be sure it will safely land before it falls out of the sky. The Spark has obstacle avoidance from on the front, simply pout it won’t fly and crash into something in front of it, this helps not only with general flying but the return to home feature.

DJI’s app for flying is known for being very good, with an excellent feature set that is easy to use. With the app you can preview a live video feed coming from the drone when shooting or framing up a photo.

Who is the Spark for?

The spark is for the general consumer, it would make an excellent present for anyone from the age of 15+. It is a selfie drone, made for people to shoot family photos and videos. It is an excellent option for video bloggers and those who are not working professionally in the videography / photography field. The quality of the video is great for people who want something as a memory but is limited in quality of video capabilities and lack of a 3rd axis gimble, offering even smoother video stabilisation.

Who shouldn’t buy the Spark?

Like I said previously, professional videography / photography. The Mavic Pro is the market professionals need to head, the Mavic is a little pricier but with a 3-axis gimble 4K camera, better bit rate and faster lens the Spark cannot compete with the Mavic. Others who shouldn’t get the Spark are people who think it will be a great toy for young children. DJI recommends the Spark for ages around 15+, it is a flying machine that can when used incorrectly can be dangerous to the user and surrounding people.

Why buy a Spark over its competitors?

Simply, its DJI. The safety features built into the drone are second to none, with user-friendly interface anyone can fly it. It is made for everyone even the videographers and photographers as a fun toy, not professional use as I mentioned but as a great way to capture something with a very small drone. Others who should consider the Spark are those who have been thinking about buying a drone. It is an excellent beginners drone that won’t break the bank that still offers many of the features of the bigger drones. It comes in a verity of colours, costs less than the Mavic, has all the features packed into something that fits in your hand and can be yours today.

Go to DJI's website here for more details.


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