Panasonic micro hifi systems

Date: 25.05.2017
Panasonic micro hifi systems

Panasonic micro hifi systems

Hifi systems don’t get to much screen time. They are for sure less popular these days than 10 years ago, we can thank the evolution of headphones for that, however micro and mini hifis systems in my opinion still play a great role. Not to many brands focus on making great ones though. Hence the blog that talks about Panasonic micro hifi systems. Panasonic have always built great micro and mini hifi systems and even in 2017 they maintain their excellent standards. So we went through our list of Panasonic micro hifi systems to feature a list of our favourite/ best 3.

Our favourite Panasonic micro hifi systems:


1. Panasonic Micro Hi-Fi System SC-HC295GN-K 20W

First cab on the rank is the SC-HC295GN-K Panasonic micro hifi system. This guy made our list for a two simple reasons. Firstly, its cheap, under $200 which is fantastic. Secondly its small. Micro hifi’s are called micro because they are small, they can virtually be put anywhere and are extremely portable when they are a all-in-one unit like this Panasonic hifi. In terms of specs this guy will give you 20W of power, which isn’t much but enough if it’s just for background music or listing to the radio or media in the kitchen. It has wi-fi and NFC for wireless streaming and comes with the standard Panasonic 1 year warranty. All in all a good unit for someone looking for something small, cheap that doesn’t need to be too loud.
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2. Panasonic Micro Hi-Fi System SC-ALL7CDGNK 40W

The Panasonic micro C-ALL7CDGNK is just awesome. But its more expensive. Just look at this guy, it’s a really well designed micro hifi system. Now lets see what over $500 gets you for a Panasonic micro hifi.

This bad boy comes with 40W of power, which again is not much but will do most users fine as long as it’s not needed for parties. This micro hifi comes with heaps of connections, including HDMI ports, wifi, Aux In and Airplay. But why I believe this unit costs so much is because it has digital radio. Digital radio is awesome, it offers you heaps of new stations at much better sound quality. If you’re looking for a nice Panasonic micro hifi that is a small all in one unit with digital radio and you’re not to fussed about the price, this one would be my pick for sure.

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3. Panasonic Mini Hi-Fi System SC-AKX220GNK 400W

The last of the 3 we picked to feature is the Panasonic mini 400W hifi system. We chose this unit for those who want a more traditional 2 speaker system with some power behind it. For under $300 or $15 per week to rent till you buy, you get 400W of power which is a lot, plenty for small parties, wifi, airplay and NFC connectivity as well as a Aux In. Overall this unit is a good choice if you’re after a larger more power Panasonic mini hifi system.

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