Smart TV, the features we forget are there.

Date: 04.05.2017
Smart TV, the features we forget are there.

So most modern TV’s are “smart” meaning they support apps that offer more than the standard digital broadcast viewing. Sometimes we don’t know are there or forget they are. These are the top 3 things a Smart TV’s have to offer.


1. YouTube

It’s an obvious one but many people use YouTube on their phones, tablets and computers, often sitting in front of a TV that has the app built in. Using this feature on the TV can sometimes be too much work but with the helpful cast feature on some phones this is not an issue.
If you have the YouTube app on your phone and are connected to the home network there is an option to ‘Cast’ Mountain View to the TV.

More about hot to do this can be found at: Link your phone, tablet, or computer to watch YouTube on TV.

2. Stream video from your computer.

Mac users don’t need an Apple TV to stream to a TV, you will need to grab an app if supported on your Smart TV called AirBeamTV this app will walk you through the process however it costs $9.99 and may be something you don’t want to do.

This is the app link for the Mac’s to stream to a Smart TV: AirBeamTV
Windows PC users have it a file sharing option that is Free and once set up easy to use and always available on the Smart TV provided the computer is turned on. On the computer opening up the Windows Media Player has the place to unlock this feature, don’t worry if you don’t like the app it is a onetime thing and is easily accessed here. When the Windows Media Player is open near the top left there is a Stream dropdown button with a Turn on media streaming button. In here you turn on what you want to share on your home network and form there on the Smart TV you should be able to connect through the device manager, an option in the TV’s Menu. From there the folders you offered to share with the home network can be accessed by the Smart TV, so any home movies on your computer can be viewed on you nice big Smart TV.

A nice step by step guide on connection a Windows PC to a Smart TV: How to stream PC Media
streaming media

3. Netflix and other Streaming services.

Another obvious one. Many people will ask why am I talking about streaming services, the short answer is that there are just as many who don’t know this is a feature or that it even exists. Streaming services like Netflix have been around since 1997 but became super popular with faster internet in 2013, then Netflix blasted off and the rest is history. Netflix offers TV shows Movies and exclusively produced content only offered on their platform. There is a monthly subscription price but it is worth it if you have a family who have a busy schedule and want the programs to be accessible when wanted, meaning watch what you want when you want.

Here are some streaming services offered in Australia, many offer a free month trial! Check your Smart TV for compatibility.
Netflix   Stan   

There are many other things like internet browsing and other apps that offer features and games you would probably not think you wanted but those are my top 3 things you can do with a Smart TV.


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