The Coolest fridges and freezers you can buy!

Date: 13.05.2017
The Coolest fridges and freezers you can buy!

5 Coolest Fridges and Freezers!

Fridges, fridges, fridges and freezers. They are an essential part of our life, located in the centre of the home, the kitchen. Everyone has their own personal preferences of look, style and feel. But some fridges are just way cooler than others (no, not in terms of temperature, 😊).
I went through heaps of the fridges on Preezie (over 200) and found what I believe are the coolest fridges and freezers you can buy on the market today.
We all love a list, so here is mine:

1. Smeg 473L Top Mount Fridge FAB50RAW

I don’t believe I need to explain why this fridge made the list. Just look at it, ITS RETRO. This fridge makes me feel like I am in a movie scene from GREECE LIGHTNING. It’s just awesome. Smeg have done a great job making retro looking products that if designed right look unlike anything else on the market. I wouldn’t however buy this fridge willy nilly and plonk it in my kitchen. You need to have your kitchen designed in such a way that this amazing appliance fits in.

Smeg White Retro Fridge Compare PricesSmeg Retro Fridge - Coolest Fridge - Buy Online

It is however extremely expensive currently selling at Appliances Online for $5,032. It’s currently the most expensive fridge on Preezie. :S

Compare prices and buy online here:


2. LG GF-6D725BGL 725L French Door Fridge

Now this fridge is really cool, its colour is Blacked Mirror Glass which looks sensational and it has DUAL DOORS!! By that I mean it has doors within doors, meaning you can only open part of the front fridge door to access a particular part of the fridge, cool, right? This LG Fridge has 32 separate storage compartments making arranging your food easy and better than ever. LG have also done something really cool here. They integrated Bluetooth speakers into the top of the fridge to allow you to stream music in the kitchen.

Huge with 32 sperate compartments:
LG Black French Door Fridge - Compare Prices

Door-in-door System:
LG Door-in-door - Buy Fridges Online

Built in Speaker:
Smart Fridges with speakers - Compare prices

You tube Video on LG French Door Fridge

Compare prices and buy online here:


3. Samsung 680L French Door Fridge SRF679SWLS

Samsung always make cool fridges. This made our list for a few reasons. Firstly it looks cool, its big and its stainless steel. This fridge holds presence, it feels big and bulky which makes it feel and look strong. Secondly and more importantly for “cool factor” is it has a water and ice dispenser that will not only give you normal chilled water but SPARKLING WATER. Samsung have partnered with sodastream to integrate their sparkling products and allow you to dispense sparkling water on the fly, I love this, in particular because I love fizzy drinks and prefer to be sipping on sparkling water then coke all day. This fridge also has a middle compartment that allows you to vary the temperature to suit whatever you’re putting in there. In general, the specs gives you a twin cooling French door fridge with 608 litres of capacity. Straight up awesome fridge and freezer.

Compare fridge prices and buy online Samsung

Samsung French Door Fridge with Sparkling water from Sodastream:
Samsung and Sodastream Fridge Online

Compare prices and buy online here:

4. Smeg 135L Retro Bar Fridge FAB10HRNE

This is very like our first fridge. RETRO, RETRO, RETRO baby. But its black. Also because it’s a bar fridge it would have more applications for apartments, man and women caves and everything in-between. Enough said, if I could afford it I would buy it.
 Smeg Retro Black Bar Fridge - Compare PricesSmeg 135l retro black bar fridge fab10hrne online

Compare prices and buy online here:

5. Electrolux 300L Integrated Vertical Freezer EFM3001WE-L

You may wonder why I put this freezer in the list. On face value, it looks average. But wait. This is an Electrolux integrated freezer, meaning you can place any front panel on it so it can seamlessly integrate with your kitchen décor. Once you place your freezer or fridge in you get your cabinet maker to build you the front face panel and wallah, your fridge is no invisible to all but you.

Fridges and Freezers like this that integrate with you home will get more and more popular as they become more affordable. Integrated fridges and freezers = awesome.

Electrolux Integrated Fridge buy onlineIntegrated Fridges Compare Prices and Buy Online

Compare prices and buy online here:

So, there you have it, Preezie’s picks of the 5 coolest fridges from our range. Please comment and share. Would love to know what all of you think. 😊


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